Théoule - Le Treyas - Miramar Bay - Agay

L'Esterel region along the coast of the South of France is dominated by wonderful huge red rocks . . .

such as these in the Miramar Bay.
West of Cannes

and La Napoule

is a pretty area which forms the gateway to the L'Esterel by the name of

Théoule Sur Mer

Traffic along the Riviera can be purgatory with traffic jams all along the coast - so don't rely on getting here quickly . . . Many more villas have been built here over the past 100 years
Historic view of Theoule Sur Mer Copyright Info-Riviera.co.uk

but it retains a charm and a chic

and is most noted for the most amazing piece of 20th century architecture . . . Pierre Cardin's villa known as the Palais Bulles which was designed in 1968 by the Finnish architect Antti Lovag.

Perhaps the inspiration for TellyTubbies, this villa contains no straight surfaces and is a piece of modern design that has yet to be surpassed.

Further around the coast

is the bay at


It is dominated by the viaduct of the coastal railway which was the engineering triumph of the early 20th century and which was singularly responsible for bringing tourism to the South of France.

Behind the viaduct is an excellent looking campsite and the sandy beach beckons -
After the Miramar bay westwards is

Le Trayas

Historic view of Le Trayas Copyright Info-Riviera.co.uk

It hasn't expanded much and it's still comparatively quiet with a comparitively small but pleasant sandy beach

For some miles towards St Raphael the road winds along the coast

occasionally meeting up with the railway and then departing around a "cap", interspersed with beautiful sandy beaches

before finally leading into the Agay bay.

which is a good and popular beach

with convenient small supermarkets in a small complex on the front. The Webmaster's children plead to be driven here from Antibes

as they sell banana juice here which they can't get anywhere else . . . and it's a spectacular coastline to enjoy for a nice afternoon drive!


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Modern photos by David Pinnegar, Heritage Consultant